Bitbond Reviews

Learn about Bitbond loans for small businesses. Includes Bitbond reviews, ratings, pricing, company info, and FAQs.

Updated on July 1st, 2019

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Bitbond is a bitcoin lending platform that provides fast and affordable loans to small businesses around the world.

Loan Rates:

Loan Type

Loan Amount

Interest Rates

Re-payment Term


€1,000 - €25,000

Starting at 1%

3, 6, or 12 months

Bitbond Reviews

Pros: No pre-payment penalties, no credit score required, instant funding for qualifying applicants, small loan amounts.

Cons: 2 - 3% origination fee, not for start-ups.

Bottomline: Ideal option for small business owners in need of a short-term loan.

Key Information:


Radoslav Albrecht




Berlin, Germany

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



Radoslav Albrecht


Strelitzer Str. 60, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Phone Number

+44 161 850 3539





Bitcoinsberlin -

Bitbond is awesome and totally trustworthy. I did not use them personally but I know the team and they are legit.

SignificantOtter3 -

There is really no basis in what you say. Peer to peer lending platforms originate billions every quarter. Using bitcoin as a payment network platforms like Bitbond open the possibilies of p2p lending to the global community, which as a whole, cant access Lending Club or Prosper. Bitbond is a good service and I would recommend you start small and try it out. Bitbond has been around since 2013 and has been covered in LendAcademy, Forbes, Handelsblatt and American Banker. It is definitely a trustworthy site, but it is simply a p2p lending platform, so you are responsible for your investments and you carry the risk.


Does Bitbond charge an origination fee?

Yes, Bitbond requires a loan origination fee starting at 0.5% of the loan.

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Where does Bitbond do business?

Bitbond is based in Berlin, Germany, and was founded in 2015. Bitbond offers access to business loans in 50 states.

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What is Bitbond?

Bitbond offers peer to peer bitcoin lending to connect creditworthy small business owners with individual and institutional investors around the world.

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What is the Bitbond default rate?

Because of Bitbond's careful approach, the lender attracts more serious borrowers resulting in lower default rates.

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Why should I borrow from Bitbond instead of a conventional credit provider?

According to Bitbond, bitcoin bonds or BTC loans ensure much lower interest rates compared to conventional lenders due to a lower overall risk profile.

Does my business qualify for a Bitbond loan?

Bitbond does not require a minimum credit score, however, the company only approves 40% of borrowers who apply for funding.