Bay Alarm Reviews, Pricing, and FAQs.

Learn about Bay Alarm's security systems for small businesses. Includes info on Bay Alarm, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 12th, 2019

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Bay Alarm is a family-owned small business security systems provider. Features include access control, alarm monitoring, burglar alarms, fire alarm, remote access, security cameras, and video verification.


Bay Alarm doesn't show pricing on its website, but you can get a quote on their homepage at

Bay Alarm

Pros: No third-party call center. Free business security ebook. Great service.

Cons: Operates in California only.

Bottomline: If your business is in California, Bay Alarm is a good option because they don't charge extra for monitoring, their staff is highly trained, and they offer 24-hour emergency repair.

Key Information:


Everett Westphal




Concord, California

Number of Employees



Jack Unroe


5130 Commercial Circle, Concord, CA

Phone number

1 (800) 610-1000



What does Bay Alarm cost?

Bay Alarm doesn't show pricing on its website, but you can get a quote on their homepage at or call 1 (800) 610-1000.

Is there a Bay Alarm free trial?

No, but they do offer a free business security ebook on their website.

Customer Reviews:

An actual Bay Alarm customer

Reviewed: Mar 01, 2012

Source: Berkeley Parents Network

As a Bay Alarm customer, I'd like to add my first hand experience. Contrary to another poster who 'heard' they were unreliable, our experience at our home and business has been that Bay Alarm is very reliable. Due to the neighborhood, our business alarm has gone off a number of times. They have always contacted us promptly. They have been working with us to reconfigure our business alarm system so the neighborhood gunshots will not set off the glass break alarms. We have been satisfied with Bay Alarm service for both our business and home installations. As far as being a local business, they are a family owned business that has expanded from the bay area to statewide CA. Please don't post a negative review of a business you have no experience with, and likewise a service you don't use.


Reviewed: Feb 01, 2012

Source: Berkeley Parents Network

BAY ALARM - - installed and has serviced our security systems for years. We recommend their professionalism and understanding ( ... like when we've goofed and set off our alarms by mistake !) Safe to go on vacations ! Now, we just need enough time to actually GO.


Reviewed: Jun 01, 2011

Source: Berkeley Parents Network

I had both ADT and Bay come and give me their pitch when I bought a couple years ago. I ended up choosing Bay Alarm. ADT was cheaper for their set up costs, and will wire more rooms, but it's all wired into the console, so it's easily disabled. Bay Alarm's installation was more expensive, but the monthly charge is about the same. Their system has a 'brain' that can be hidden far from the central panel, so it is way harder for anyone to disable it. It is also a family owned business, where the people that come and talk to you work for them, and are not simply contractors, like for AD, so the customer service is way better.

Bay Alarm Fan

Reviewed: Nov 01, 2006

Source: Berkeley Parents Network

WE went with the low-cost alternative when we first moved into our house and regretted it. As soon as we could cancel our monitoring contract without a huge penalty, we switched over to Bay Alarm. MUCH better customer service. Afterall, what you're buying more than anythng else is peace of mind. Having a company that responds intelligently when you call is most important. Bay is by no means the cheapest, but, I think that you will find is well-regarded and is still locally owned and operated