Bad Credit Business Loans

Find out how your business could get a loan, even with bad credit. Includes a table of the leading loan providers and frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 13th, 2022

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Bad credit business loans exist to help business owners with bad credit gain access to financing. There could be any number of reasons why you have a bad credit history, but it shouldn't stop you from getting a small business loan. Fortunately, there are some lenders who provide small business loans for bad credit situations.

Why We Chose Accion:

Accion has decades of experience in financing small businesses, offers expert customer support and guidance, grants access to experts, business events, and online resources, and has a proven track record of lending responsibly.

Accion approves loans based on location and business strengths along with credit history. The process is easy, one-on-one, and fast. And loans are customized. Accion offers loan products for particular groups as well, such as loans for women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and people with disabilities, for example.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Bad Credit Business Loans:

  1. Bad credit drives up interest rates. You will pay more for bad credit loans in the long run.
  2. Check whether the lender penalizes for early loan repayments.
  3. Some lenders will only approve a loan if you've been in business for at least a year and your business meets minimum revenue requirements.

Best Business Loans for Bad Credit:

Loan Provider

Loan Amount

Interest Rate



$300 - $1,000,000

7% - 34%.

Offers fast and simple loan processing, and good customer support, but charges some additional fees.


$0 - $250,000

4.8% and up

Offers invoice factoring and lines of credit, but some loan products are not available in all states.


$5,000 - $500,000

16.99% - 22.99%

Offers traditional and alternative business loans, has helpful online tools, but application takes time.


$5,000 - $100,000

4.66% and up

Assists with cash flow, and grants loans according to business health rather than credit score.


$2,000 - $250,00

24% - 99%

Good for working capital and day to day expenses, not for start-ups.


$1,000 - $5,000,000

8% and up

Acts as intermediary in the loan application process, granting access to 75 lenders.

National Funding

$5,000 - $500,000

Quote only.

Offers customized loans, fast application process, but charges late payment fees.


$0 - $500,000

9% - 25%

Offers term loans and lines of credit, and has a fast and simple application process, but rates can be high.


$5,000 - $200,000

30% - 70%

Makes loans based on banking history rather than credit score, and does not charge early repayment penalties, but has no online portal.


$2,000 - $250,000

9% - 40%

Uses a peer-to-peer lending model to help low-revenue start up businesses. Insists on weekly loan payments.


How do I get a business loan with bad credit?

If you are trying to get a business loan with bad credit, it is likely that major banks will either turn you down or charge incredibly high interest rates. If your credit score is bad, you can approach alternative lenders.

Business Loans Bad Credit

Where can I get a business startup loan with bad credit?

Are there no credit check business loans?

There are some loan providers that offer small business loans with no credit check. Fundera provides small business loans with no hard credit check, meaning the credit check for the loan does not affect your credit score in any way.

Where can I find small business loans for minorities with bad credit?

Does anyone offer bad credit start-up business loans with guaranteed approval?

While there are many financial institutions that can provide small business startup loans on bad credit, no one can guarantee that you will be approved. After all, a loan is a risky investment for the lender, and sometimes the risk is too high to be justified.

Can I get a business line of credit with bad credit?

Bluevine and Fundbox both offer lines of credit to businesses with a poor credit history.

Where can I get fast business loans with bad credit?

OnDeck has some of the fastest loan approval times. In many cases, you could qualify for a loan from OnDeck in just one to three days.