American Express Business Gold Rewards Card Key Information & FAQs

Learn more about the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card with pros and cons, rates, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on December 2nd, 2019

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The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card is the highest level of business credit card that you can get from American Express. The card comes with added perks like rewards points, cash flow reports, insurance coverage, and more.

Rates & Fees:

Rate or Fee Type


Annual Fee


Supplementary Card Fee


Transaction Fees


Late Payment

$38.00 or 2.99% of any past due Pay in Full amount, whichever is greater.

American Express Business Gold Rewards

Pros: Transfer points to other rewards programs. Expense management reports.

Cons: 30% interest rate on unpaid balances.

Bottomline: The Gold Rewards card is a good option for frequent business travelers because points can be accumulated quickly.

Key Information:


Henry Wells, William G. Fargo, John Butterfield




New York, NY

Number of Employees



Stephen Squeri


World Financial Center, 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10285

Phone Number

+1 855-298-1209



How do I apply for an American Express Business Gold Rewards card?

You can apply for an American Express Business Gold Rewards card by going to and filling out an online application.

How do I earn travel points with an American Express Business Gold Rewards card?

You can earn one point for every dollar that you spend with your card. You can also earn 5,000 bonus points for every customer that you refer to American Express.

What kind of insurance coverage can I get with my American Express Business Gold Rewards card?

You can access business coverage, travel insurance coverage, and purchase protection with your American Express Business Gold Rewards Card.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Apr 03, 2018

Source: Reddit

Focusing strictly on MR cards then yes, that’s probably the most efficient way to go now that the increased minimum spend and decreased referral bonus on the Biz Plat takes the card out of the running for the average churner - if you can comfortably meet the $7k spend on the Biz Plat though by all means make it part of the churn so you can space out reapplication of the same card further apart (something like PP -> BG -> BP from PP then cancel PP... etc). Doing this also allows you to keep your Platinum benefits like Priority Pass for pretty much the whole year if you time it right.I would also get the Personal Gold through Perkopolis somewhere in the middle of your churn.


Reviewed: Jan 09, 2018

Source: Reddit

Depends on how much work you want to put into it and what you value in travel. For instance, if you value first class flights at face value, then you can get $0.10 per point. But would you ever actually spend $10-15k on a first class ticket? If not, then the $0.10 per point is way over-estimating the value.Last minute tickets and long-haul flights within Canada are also good deals where you can easily get $0.03 per point.Other times, it does feel like more trouble than it's worth and I've taken the cash instead.


Reviewed: Dec 28, 2008

Source: yCombinator

I've had an Amex Gold Business Card since starting up in 2001. Their customer service is the best and their web site keeps getting better each year for tracking my transactions, etc.I've also had them go to bat for me a few times over disputed charges and I've always been very happy with the outcome. I'd highly recommend them.