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Learn about AirWatch’s enterprise mobility management service for businesses. Includes info on AirWatch, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 3rd, 2019

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AirWatch is an enterprise mobility management platform for businesses. AirWatch’s solutions include mobile device management, mobile application management, and identity management. Businesses can use AirWatch to manage multiple devices from one central console.


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Enterprise for VDI


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Enterprise for VDI


Airwatch Review

Pros: Quick configuration and easy onboarding.

Cons: Not available on Linux devices.

Bottomline: Well-developed solution to facilitate effective mobile device management for your business.

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ArcaneGlyph -

It's sad. I've used VMware as our primary admin for 6 years now and they were a great company to get support from. Airwatch is just confusing and so painful. It's just utter chaos.

ArcaneGlyph -

Airwatch is a great tool, but man the bureaucracy around the quotes and installs etc, is just the most brutal thing I've ever been through, and I took business accounting and taxation in college. it takes 4-6 weeks to set it all up right! Who has a month and a half to have something they paid for working?We have a very large contract with Dell, I leveraged that connection to get Vmware\Airwatch to reply as they are all really the same company.

shroke -

The team I managed was tasked with implementing an MDM solution. After a lot of back and forth about a year ago, upper management forced our hand to decide on AirWatch. They promised us the world, we purchased their super awesome $20k deployment team package after paying the 6 digit price tag for licensing, bla bla bla... all the bells and whistles. Let me tell you it was the most terrible deployment team I've ever had to deal with. From the sale to the implementation and deployment of the product it was one false promise after another from vmware. There are a lot of caveats depending on the situation and requirements your company needs or desires.The thought of replacing SCCM with AirWatch just about killed me from laughter. They are two totally different products, AirWatch needs to stop dreaming. Long story short and a year later we are looking at standing up Intune and I can not wait to get it all working the exact way we want, so we can tell AirWatch / VMware to jump off a cliff.

evillordsoth -

Airwatch is not going to replace sccm for windows management in this or the next version. Its awesome for DEP/ios stuff though that automatic enrollment DEP sign in w/ ad credentials is a thing of beauty.


What is the purpose of AirWatch?

AirWatch is an enterprise mobility management platform for businesses. AirWatch’s solutions include mobile device management, mobile application management, and identity management.

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How much does AirWatch cost?

AirWatch’s monthly plans range from $3.78 to $20.00 per device and $6.52 to $25.00 per user.

See AirWatch's list of prices.

How do I register a device on AirWatch?

Go to from the device's native browser—which is referred to as the AirWatch Agent. Upon completion of the download, run the Agent or return to your browser session. Enter your email address, and follow the remaining prompts to finalize the enrollment.

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What is AirWatch browser?

AirWatch has an app called the VMware Browser, which provides businesses with a manageable and secure alternative to device-native web browsers.

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What is AirWatch remote management?

AirWatch's Remote Management Service enables you to connect to end-user devices remotely to do troubleshooting and maintenance.

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What is AirWatch SSP?

The AirWatch Self-Service Portal (SSP) is used to monitor and manage devices remotely.

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Is AirWatch cloud-based?

AirWatch is web-based.

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Can AirWatch manage laptops?

Yes. With AirWatch Laptop Management you can manage Mac OS, and Windows laptops together with your smartphones and tablets.

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How do I install AirWatch on Windows 10?

From the Start Menu on the Windows 10 device, open the Store app. Search for the free VMWare AirWatch Agent app, and click "Install."

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How do I register my Mac on AirWatch?

From the AirWatch Console Dashboard, go to "Devices" and click on "Device Settings." Click on "Apple," then on "Apple macOS," and then on "Agent Application." Choose the "Download Mac Agent Post Enrollment" check box for web-based enrollment, and click on "Save."

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What is AirWatch Express?

AirWatch Express enables your small business to manage small-scale deployments from a single console.

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Is there an AirWatch free trial?

A free 30-day trial is available here. You need to furnish some personal and business details. No credit card is required.

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