Learn more about ActiveCollab - a project management tool for small to large businesses. Includes ActiveCollab pricing, reviews, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on January 15th, 2019

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Active Collab is a modern and simple project management tool used by a variety of organizations from small businesses to universities. ActiveCollab enables teams to organize their workload, track time, and improve efficiency.

ActiveCollab Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

5 Members


15 Members


30 Members


60 Members


Unlimited Members



$999.00 for license.

ActiveCollab Key Information Table:


Goran Radulovic, Ilija Studen




Norfolk, VA


Goran Radulovic

Number of Employees


Number of Customers



Message only


101 West Main Street, Suite 101, 23510 Norfolk, Virginia


ActiveCollab Reviews:

What is the price range for ActiveCollab?

ActiveCollab pricing starts at $25.00 per month and goes up to $999.00 for a self-hosted plan, depending on the number of employees you have and the storage space you require.

How does ActiveCollab work?

ActiveCollab is a cloud-based task management tool that is modern, clean, and simple to use. Employees have access to a dashboard on which you can create and manage tasks, keep track of updates and logged time, add reminders, and communicate with colleagues in real-time. ActiveCollab can also be installed on your company's server to give you full control over your data.

What features does ActiveCollab include?

Features include time tracking, task filtering, collaborative note-taking, creating and sending invoices, keeping track of payments, drafting cost estimates, reporting, and a host of other functions to streamline your workflow.

Where can I read good ActiveCollab reviews to help me make a decision?

You can read ActiveCollab reviews on Capterra, G2 Crowd and Software Advice.

What is ActiveCollab Gantt?

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that enables users to create and edit a timeline of tasks or project schedule. Users are able to create an ActiveCollab Gantt on their dashboards.

What type of ActiveCollab plugins are there?

You can integrate ActiveCollab with a range of plugins or apps for free, no matter which plan you're on. To see a list of ActiveCollab plugins, click "More" followed by "Add-Ons" on their website.

Is there an ActiveCollab API?

Yes, developers can find documentation for ActiveCollab API at

How do I get in touch with ActiveCollab customer service?

Send an email to or read through the ActiveCollab knowledge base under Help & Support on the homepage.

Where do I find the ActiveCollab login page?

On the ActiveCollab homepage, click "Sign In" in the top right corner or log in directly at

ActiveCollab Reviews:




Joshua D.


This system is the very bedrock of client collaboration in our company. We simply need it. It covers calendar integration, task management, expense and time tracking, client estimates and invoicing is integrated, discussions with clients are threaded and neatly organized at all times, file uploads that act as a mini-Dropbox for yourself and your clients.

Sarah P.


I own and operate a company that specializes in creative strategy and marketing/PR services and this is a good fit for us. I spent many months and went through quite a few trials researching a software that had as many features combined that we were looking for. We settled on ActiveCollab and we're very happy with them. It's a great option without the price tag.

Ross C.


Solid options for organization and streamlining processes that even clients can be taught to use. As a creative agency selling our time it's important to communicate quickly and efficiently with our clients.

Matthias J.


A sleek yet powerful project management software way above its competition. It's amazing how flexible ActiveCollab can be depending on a project's needs. It can serve as a simple reminder list with great speed and simplicity but also get fully blown up for projects involving production teams and clients at once.

Maveres P.


In such a complex world, where the time and control factor in operations makes a difference, it is vital to have a platform that allows access to many tasks that otherwise would involve and coordinate many people. This type of tool allows us to save costs and reduce human errors.

Tony P.


ActiveCollab are great, we were previously using 3 different Basecamp accounts for our sister companies. ActiveCollab allows selecting the project and bulk updating the deadline on the tasks, or in a list view one-by-one which is quick and easy. Cons: Lack of built in customization. Email sending is limited in regards to daily reports etc.

Bryan M.


A great project management tool for design studios. We've been using ActiveCollab since version 1. We needed more features and flexibility than other project management systems provided and we also were looking for an invoicing system. The mobile app isn't the best.

Nancy E.


I can easily track time on each project. It also generates reports for time and budget. It's easy to see where we are on budget or if we're over budget. Some of our clients have difficulty using it or just refuse to communicate through this system. Sometimes there are so many people on the thread that it's difficult to determine who should be responding to the request.

Joseph H.


It has the sophistication we need and remains very easy to use. I have tried nearly every other project management software out there, and this one makes the most sense to me.

Mike T.


Feature-rich, flexible project management with great support. You can easily manage milestones, tasks, files, discussions, time-tracking et al. Rich text could use some work as adding formatted content will sometimes yield awful results.