Ace Glass, 14101-04 Vacuum Pump, PTFE Diaphragm, 75torr, 15psig

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Updated on July 17th, 2019

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The Ace Glass, 14101-04 Vacuum Pump is a diaphragm pump that uses vacuum pressure to push liquids through a system. The pump is strong enough to process thick, viscous chemical solutions without being damaged.

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Ace Glass 14101-04 Vacuum Pump, PTFE Diaphragm

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Clean, oil-free performance.

Pumps have both pressure and vacuum capability

All 2-stage head design for smooth efficient performance.

Key Features:



Flow Rate


Max Vacuum , ,1/4-in


Max Pressure




Tubing Connection

1/4 in

Ace Glass 14101 04 Vacuum Pump Ptfe Diaphragm 420X320 20190205

Pros: Chemical resistant. 115v motor. Smooth performance.

Cons: Pump unit is not compact.

Bottomline: The 1401-04 Vacuum Pump is a strong, durable pump for heavy duty applications.


The Ace Glass 14101-04 vacuum pump costs $754.00.


Will the 14101-04 pump be damaged if chemicals run through it?

The pump is designed to process chemicals, so all of the internal moving parts can come into contact with a wide variety of chemicals without being compromised.

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What temperature range can the Ace Glass 14101-04 handle?

The pump can handle temperatures that range between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius.

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